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Annotated Bibliography

McDermott, John V. “Flannery O’Connor’s validation of the unreasonable in ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’.” Notes on Contemporary Literature 40.1 (2010). Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 19 Feb. 2011. In this work McDermott discusses how O’Connor’s short story is a paradox that can be interpreted in many ways. He describes the grandmother as a women who has lost her faith and she is unable to see herself as a liar that McDermott seems to think she is. Also, he expresses how the grandmother is only willing to admit to her sins because she feels death is approaching her. He also feels that within the closing of the story that O’Connor makes three segments very dramatic. For the most part McDermott describes the story as a paradox.

Renner, Stanley. “Secular Meaning in ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’.” College Literature 9.2 (1982): 123-132. Rpt. in Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism. Ed. Janet Witalec. Vol. 132. Detroit: Gale, 2003. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 19 Feb. 2011. In this work Renner discusses how there is a broad connection between both The Misfit and the grandmother that ultimately can help to interpret the ending of the story. He feels that the grandmother might be capable of producing The Misfit which seems a little strange. Also, he brings up valid points about how the grandmother’s description leads to the assumption that she is blind to the southern dream.

“A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Short Stories for Students. Ed. Kathleen Wilson. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 1997. 97-114. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 19 Feb. 2011 In this work it is ultimately very essential in an understanding of the story itself. From this I learned that most of O’Connor’s fiction contains religion or God. She makes sure that every story has characters that end up conveying her message through their actions. Not only does this site discuss themes but it also gives help to understanding the individuals as wholes which is something that will become very useful.

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